KrystalRad Vet 1000 With Digital Flat Panel Detector 17x17

Integrated Digital Radiography Vet X-ray System

    The KrystalRad Vet 1000 Vet System is an excellent choice for veterinary clinics and hospitals. The integratedsystem comes with a four-way float table-top. The KrystalRad Vet 1000 provides exceptional image and diagnosis quality with minimum x-ray exposure to the patient. The high-level digital x-ray flat panel is 17 x 17 in. (fixed) for the largest capture area. The KrystalRad Vet 1000 System acquires images in seconds to quickly send to PACS to store and share.


Libra 50 HD Digital Flat Panel (17x17 in.) for KrystalRad Vet 1000 Digital X-ray System 

    The Fixed Digital Flat Panel provides exceptional image and diagnosis quality with minimum x-ray exposure to the patient. The Libra 50 HD panel gives you the largest capture area at 17 x 17 in. to take images from any position or angle. Fast diagnostics with images available in seconds and quickly sends images to PACS to store and share.


Hardware Features Include: 

• 32 kW High Frequency Compact Generator 

• Variable Focal Distance 

• Four-Way Float Top Table 

• Moveable Grid Cabinet 

• Anatomical Programming (APR) 

• Rotor Brake 

• Heavy Steel Construction 


High Frequency X-ray Generator 

• 400 mA, 125 kVP, 500 mAs 

• Serial Interface Control 

• Push button console with APR window 

• Anatomical Programmed Radiography (APR) 

• 208/220/240 VAC Single Phase Power 

• Exposure Foot Pedal 

Variable Tube Stand and Table 

• Variable SID for table top and cassette tray 

• Rotating tube head and collimator 

• 5-foot long 4-way float top table 

• Foot treadle to operate table locks 

• Manual Collimator with light switch 

• Grid Cabinet with 8:1 103 LP Grid 

• Stainless steel cassette tray

X-ray Tube – Rotating Anode 

• 1.0/2.0 Focal Spots 

• 16° Target Angle 

• 140,000 HU 

• 6 meter HV cables 

Optional Features 

• 6-foot table top 

• Fractional Focal Spot X-ray Tube 

• Non-certified medical collimator 

• Three-phase and battery powered generators.

Recommended X-ray Room Specifications 

• Recommended Room Size: 8 x 10 feet (but will work in a smaller room) 

• Shielding Requirements for X-ray Room: Check your local building code or state 

• Ceiling Height: 7-feet 4-inches