KrystalRad Vet 600 Wireless, Cassette-Size, 14 x 17 in. Digital Flat Panel Retrofit

Digital Radiography Wireless Retrofit System

Features and Benefits Include:

• Superior image quality/low dose

• Automatic Exposure Detection (AED) with “auto-sensing trigger”

• Lightweight wireless panel • Large wireless capture size at 14 x 17 in.


Automatic Exposure Detection (AED)

• “Auto-Sensing Trigger” inside the detector panel automatically acquires the image and requires no cable connection with the x-ray generator

• By not having to interface with the generator, the manufactures warranty on the generator is not voided if a problem occurs, and installation is much faster


KrystalRad Acquisition Workstation Minimum Configuration:

• 3rd Generation Intel Core i3-53550 processor (Quad Core, 3.30GHz, 6MB Cache) • 16X DVD+/-RW SATA • 8 GB RAM • Win 7 PRO – 64 bit

• 1000 GT Network Connection

• 20” LCD with 1600 x 900 at 60 Hz Native Resolution


KrystalRad Acquisition Software

• Best in-class image quality

• Full support for Small Animal

• Species specific exams

• Advanced Image acquisition/processing

• Processing algorithms are image type and anatomy-specific

• Support DICOM 3.0 standard • Support Modality Worklist

• DICOM send log

• Comprehensive “Viewer” functionality

• Burn onto CD/DVD with viewer, DICOM compliant

• Installation and applications training