KrystalRad Vet 606 Digital X-ray Equine Wireless System

Digital Radiography Equine Retrofit System

    The KrystalRad Equine System is a rugged, cassette-size panel system that is totally wireless between the panel and acquisition workstation for equine imaging. With the equine system being wireless, you can freely move around the patient without the risk caused by wires that can easily distract or get tangled around the patient. The KrystalRad equine panel has the largest wireless capture-area and fast acquisition of x-rays making this field-system the best choice for equine imaging.


Features and Benefits Include:

• Superior image quality/low dose

• Lightweight wireless panel

• Largest wireless capture size at 14 x 17 in.

• Automatic Exposure Detection (AED) with “auto-sensing trigger”-- so no generator cable needed

• Optional: Handled protective case with lead-backer


Automatic Exposure Detection (AED)

• “Auto-Sensing Trigger” inside the detector panel automatically acquires the image and requires no cable connection with the x-ray generator

• With no generator cable required, less distraction to the patient and better opportunity for a sharp x-ray image

KrystalRad Acquisition Workstation Minimum Configuration:

• 11 in. Acquisition Device


KrystalRad Acquisition Software

• Best in-class image quality

• Full support for Small Animal

• Species specific exams

• Advanced Image acquisition/processing

• Processing algorithms are image type and anatomy-specific

• Support DICOM 3.0 standard

• Support Modality Worklist

• DICOM send log

• Comprehensive “Viewer” functionality

• Burn onto CD/DVD with viewer, DICOM compliant

• Installation and applications training

Equine Protective Case

• Extreme Weather / Climate Proof Case

• Ergonomic Padded Handle

• High-Strength Telescoping Aluminum Handle

• Reinforced Hinges & Corners

• Crushproof

• Non-Conducting

• Unique Low-Profile

• Dimensions (L x W x H): 24.4" x 20.4" x 10.8" (Outside)

• Temperature rating: Minimum: -40ºC -32ºF; Maximum: +80ºC +176ºF

• Meets ATA 300 specifications for transit cases and rigorous standards for military use