Libra 50F 17” X 17” Tethered

Lightweight, Cassette-Sized Flat Panel Detector

High Resolution and High DQE CsI Phosphor Screen

TETD has long experience to develop and manufacture fine and thick pillar structure of CsI phosphor screen with high resolution and high sensitivity.

Low Noise ROIC and Analog Circuit

ROIC and analog circuit are designed and specified to be suitable for high sensitivity X-ray conversion layer. 



Sensor Unit
Sensor Protection Plate Carbon Fiber Plate
Cooling Natural Air Cooling
Input DC24V (from AC/DC Power Supply)
Power Consumption

Maximum 20W 

Overall Dimensions 512×495×43mm (W(H)×D(V)×(H))
Weight 9 kg (approx.)
Power Supply Unit
Input AC100 to 240V,50/60Hz
Output DC24V 1.3A 60W
Overall Dimensions 126×200×60mm (W(H)×D(V)×(H)) 
Weight 1 kg (approx.) 
Image Format
X-ray Conversion Layer Cesium Iodide (Csl) with Amorphous Silicon (a-Si) Photodiode
Active Area 430 (H)×439 (V) mm (16.9×17.3 inch)
Pixel Matrix 3008 (H)×3072 (V) 
Pixel Pitch 143 μ m
Cycle Time

Shot to Shot 6sec.

(Cycle time is the time to complete image transfer from the X-ray Exposure. Cycle time does not include image processing time. The image processing time is determined by the specifications of the image processing unit.) 
Limiting Resolution 3.7 Lp/mm typ.
MTF (2.0Lp/mm, 70kVp, 1×1) 36 % typ.
DQE (DQE (0), Quantum - Limited) > 70 %
A/D Conversion 14 bit
Energy Range 40 to 150kVp
Maximum Entrance Dose (Linear Output Range) 4 mR / frame
Data Output 16 bit Digital Output Ethernet (1000BASE-T) 
Command Control Ethernet (1000BASE-T)
X-ray Synchronization Control  External
Power Input

DC24V 2A (from Power Supply Unit)

Image Acquisition Mode
Mode 3072 lines Full Scan mode
Frame rate (Frame/s) 1 (approx)
Binning/Non-Binning Non-binning
X-ray period (ms)

Standard: 500 (Variable between 50 to 500)

Optional: 1000, 2300, 3200 or 4000