Acquisition Software


Voyance Latest Release v1.3.1578

VPACS Latest Release v1.3.1578

Voyance Beta Release

VPACS Beta Release


Voyance Operation Manual

Technique Chart for Medical Use

Technique Chart for Dogs

Technique Chart for Cats

Voyance Viewer Installation and Activation


Voyance Acquisition Software Features


  • Superior Image Quality

  • Exam-specific algorithms image processing

  • Veterinary and Dental Interfaces in the same Software

  • Supports up to 3 Detectors and 1 Dental Sensor

  • Automatic image optimization

  • Edit existing patient information/search patient by patient name, patient ID, Accession number, bar code, etc.

  • True size for printing

  • Resend / Reprint image

  • Send/Print queue management

  • User-friendly touch GUI

  • Useful functions: Auto Cropping, Auto Grid Suppression, Auto Labeling,
    Auto Rotation, Free Rotation, Multi Layout, etc.

  • Fully DICOM 3.0 Compatible: MWL, Send, Print, MPPS, etc.

  • Customized functions and various themes




Medical Usage


Vet Usage

Cervical Curve


CBLO2 Vet Tools

Lumbar Curve




George's line


Pelvis Analysis


Spine labelling