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Voyance Latest Release v1.3.1591

VPACS Latest Release v1.3.1589

Voyance Release with CPI Generator v1.3.1589

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Voyance Acquisition Software Features


  • Superior Image Quality

  • Exam-specific algorithms image processing

  • Veterinary and Dental Interfaces in the same Software

  • Supports up to 3 Detectors and 1 Dental Sensor

  • Automatic image optimization

  • Edit existing patient information/search patient by patient name, patient ID, Accession number, bar code, etc.

  • True size for printing

  • Resend / Reprint image

  • Send/Print queue management

  • User-friendly touch GUI

  • Useful functions: Auto Cropping, Auto Grid Suppression, Auto Labeling,
    Auto Rotation, Free Rotation, Multi Layout, etc.

  • Fully DICOM 3.0 Compatible: MWL, Send, Print, MPPS, etc.

  • Customized functions and various themes




Medical Usage


Vet Usage

Cervical Curve


CBLO2 Vet Tools

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George's line


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Spine labelling