Clear Ray 2000


An Elevating Vet Table  system with  32KW Generator and 140 KHU X-ray tube.

Elevating Table Top with Sleek, One Column Design
Table Top 31 inches deep by 60 inches wide
4 way float table top, with floating range of +/- 11 inches longitudinal and +/- 3 inches transversal
Electromagnetic Braking System
Fixed DR Detector Holder
Maximum Allowable Lifting Weight: 600 lb.
Manual Rotating Tube Mechanism, locks in place at 45 degrees increments.

CPI Generator
32 KW, Single Phase Generator
40 – 125 KV Range
10 – 400 mA Range
0.1 – 100 mAs Range
Exposure Time Range 1 ms – 6.4 s
Technique Selection: kV/AEC, kV/mAs, kV/ma/ms

Toshiba X-ray Tube
Nominal Radiographic Tube Voltage: 40 – 150 kV
Nominal Focal Spot: Large 2 mm, Small 1 mm
Anode Target Angle: 12 degrees
Anode Heat Content: 140 kHU
Manual Vet LED/LASER Collimare Collimator
Foot Switch for Exposure
20’ High Voltage cable pair with federal terminals on both ends

CRV 2000 Brochure

CRV 2000 Drawing Of Room Requirements

Pre-Install Sign Off For Clear Ray 2000 System