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Krystal Rad 1100

The Krystal Rad 1100 features a sturdy floor-to-wall mounting system, with a dual-speed motorized swivel arm for operational flexibility.


Fully Motorized Universal Radiographic System

The Krystal Rad 1100 features a sturdy oor-to-wall mounting
system, with a dual-speed motorized swivel arm
for operational exibility. Precise positioning control
for all movements is accessed, controlled and monitored
through the use of a 6” color touch screen and
12 key wireless remote control pad. This system
enables exceptionally accurate control of source-to image-
distance, the height of the swivel C-arm, and
the angulation of the swivel arm and detector. As
a patient safety precaution, all operational movements
stop when the switch is released.

Intuitive Design

The Krystal Rad 1100 Single-button operation allows for 1m
and 1.8m chest positioning, or 1m table
positioning, as well as easy preset angle positioning
via the 6” color touch screen.
Seven of the most common radiology exams are
quickly accessible via the 6” touch-screen color
control monitor, allowing convenient one-touch
positioning after program selection.
Three laser beams and pressure sensors work in combination
to provide a unique, anti-collision
system for added patient security and equipment

Choice in Flat Panel Detectors

The Krystal Rad 1100 oers several choices from out Libra
series of Cesium digital at panel detectors.

– 17″ x 17″
– Wireless, tethered, and xed
– 14 and 16-bit depth
– 100μ to 143μ

All Libra at panel detectors feature Automatic Exposure
Detection (AED), while the Libra HD technology
oers greatly improved image quality coupled with
low patient dosages.

UC Arm

• Vertical travel – 50.7” (129cm), speed variable from 1.5” to 5.9”/sec (4-15 cm/sec)
• Focal Spot to Floor – Max. 66.5” Min. 15.7” (169 cm to 40 cm)
• Arm Rotation – +120 deg to -30 deg, speed variable from 3 to 10 deg/sec
• Detector Rotation – +45deg CW to -45deg CCW, speed variable from 1 to 3 deg/sec
• Motorized SID Travel – 39.4” to 70.8”, speed variable from 0.39” to 5.1”/sec (1-5.1cm/sec)
• Positioning controls – 6” color touch screen and 12 key remote control for SID distance, Height of C-arm
and angulation of arm and detector. All angles and SID are displayed on the touch screen.
• Single-button positioning of SID at 39.4” and 70.8” (Chest Position) on the touch screen and remote control
• 7 user-programmable positions for most common studies on the touch screen
• Single button control on remote for Chest or Table position
• Anti-Collision system utilizing 3 laser beams and pressure sensors on the arm and detector housing stop
movement and move arm back 3.9” (10cm) on-resistance of 22 lbs (10kg)
• Dimensions – 80.5” x 90.5” x 30.3” (204 x 230 x 77 cm)
• Net Weight – 705.5 lbs (320kg)
• Power – 110/220VAC/50/60Hz


• High Frequency 50 kW (max. 450 kHz output)
• kV range – 40 – 150kV
• mA range – 10-630mA
• mAs range – 0.1-630mAs
• Technique Selection – kV/AEC,kV/mAs,kV/ma/ms

DR Detector

• 17 x 17” CsI fixed
• Image Format – 9.4M Pixels (3,072 x 3,072
• Pixel Pitch – 140 x 140 micron
• A/D Conversion – 14 bit

Workstation & Monitor

• 3rd Gen Intel Core
• Windows 7 Professional, 64-bit
• 4GB 2 DDR3 SDRAM at 1600 MHz
• 500GB 3.5 SATA 6Gb/s with 16 MB DataBurst Cache
• Monitor – 21.5” (54.6cm) diagonal
• Max Resolution – 1920 x 1080 at 60Hz
• Aspect Ratio – 19:9
• Pixel Pitch – 0.248 x 0.248 mm

X-Ray Tube

• Nominal Radiographic Tube Voltage – 40 – 150 kV
• Nominal Focal Spot – Large 1.2mm, Small 0.6mm
• Nominal Anode Input Energy – Large 75kW, Small 27kW
• Anode Target Angle – 12 degrees
• Anode Heat Content – 170 kHU

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