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A Leading Company Dedicated to Imaging Excellence

Our Solutions

Veterinary Systems

A wide variety of radiographic systems, elevating and non-elevating tables, and Flat Panel Detectors, designed to provide solutions for different room sizes and applications.

Voyance® Veterinary Image Acquisition Software

A fast, easy-to-install, customizable, and user-friendly veterinary image acquisition software dedicated to producing the highest quantity in the fastest time.

Medical Radiology Systems

A versatile variety of medical and chiropractic radiographic solutions designed to satisfy a wide variety of markets, created for ultimate practicality and the highest image quality.

Voyance® Medical Image Acquisition Software

A fast, easy-to-install, customizable, and user-friendly medical image acquisition software dedicated to producing the highest quantity in the fastest time.  

Medical Systems

Veterinary Systems

Flat Panel Detectors

MasterX™ Medical Flat Panel Detectors Powered by Voyance®

MasterX™ Veterinary Flat Panel Detectors Powered by Voyance®


MasterX™ 800 Series Flat Panel Detectors Powered by Voyance®

MasterX™ IGZO Series Flat Panel Detectors Powered by Voyance®

"Providing The Latest Radiology & Image Acquisition Solutions, Made in USA."


Fast, Smart, Efficient.

A complete image acquisition solution designed and engineered using several specialized modules to provide you with a smooth experience and fast workflow. Our algorithm, ClairVoyance™,  employs state-of-the-art deep learning techniques to suppress the bones on typical medical X-rays without requiring additional exposure doses suggested by the old Dual-energy technique(2), leading to a faster diagnoses and better patient care.

2. Brody, William R., et al. "Dual-energy projection radiography: initial clinical experience." American Journal of Roentgenology 137.2 (1981): 201-205.

Bolt-fast Installation

Our solution's installation takes less than 15 minutes, with US-based phone support during business hours.

Optimum Workflow
Designed to accommodate fast-paced environments and maximize efficiency.
View from Anywhere, Anytime.

Using our Zero Footprint Web-based Viewer.

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Powered Facilities


Satisfied Dealers


Awards Won


Years of Experience

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Product categories

Warranty Terms

The Limited warranty applies to eligible purchases made directly from MedicatechUSA ( MTU )  and its Dealers. Warranty coverage applies to the original owner and to the original product. MTU warrants that the unit shall be free from defects in material and workmanship from the date of purchase when the appliance system is used for both Medical and veterinary purposes and maintained according to the requirements outlined in the Instruction manuals.


What is covered in my warranty?

The original unit deemed defective will be repaired or replaced as long as you have owned the original unit , Additionally, if the unit requires replacement, MTU reserves the right to replace the unit with one of equal or greater value. Freight and re-shipment costs Ground or Air Freight are shipped prepaid by Client for warranty claims.


What is not covered?

Normal wear and tear,  glassware* ( xray tube, collimator bulb) and wearable parts such as, hand switches, which require regular maintenance and/or replacement in order to assure the proper functioning of your unit. As such, they are not subject to warranty coverage and are available for purchase at www.medicatechusa.comAny unit that has been tampered with or  Damage caused by power surges, electrical failure, misuse, abuse, negligent handling or mishandling in transit, consequential and incidental damages.

Support Terms

MedicatechUSA® will provide support service only for the acquisition software covered and during the normal working hours of the Maintenance Contractor (8 am to 5 pm, Monday to Friday, Pacific Standard Time). ALL charges specified are those currently in effect and are subject to change only at the time of subsequent support contract renewal.


The software support covers only the software problems that happens to the covered software with same windows operating system was supplied when purchased. Support calls are mainly handled remotely. Maintenance Contractor may decide, at its own discretion, to travel to the Client premises, or ask the Client to ship the system, if the situation requires, extra cost may be applied in such cases.



The Voyance® support agreement shall be interpreted under the laws of the [State of California] of USA. Any and all legal actions relative hereto shall be in the courts of [State of California] in Orange County and any applicable Federal Laws of USA.




The following items are not included in the monthly or annual support agreement set forth above, and will be charged to the Client as a separate expense or, if applicable, charged at the Maintenance Contractor, then prevailing hourly rate:


A. All labor for maintenance and repair for any software that is not part of the System; such as installing any third party applications for business or personal use.

B. All labor for the movement, removal, reconfiguration, or other changes to any portion of the System.

C. All charges by any third parties in connection with the services MedicatechUSA Inc under this Agreement, including utilities and other contractors.

D. All state and local taxes or fees imposed with respect to the services provided under this Agreement.

E. Any cost, including labor, necessary to repair equipment due to improper use or storage of the system, including but not limited to using the provided workstation to surf the internet, using it as a personal computer and installing/uninstalling any software, upgrading Microsoft Windows operating systems and/or application that affect the system performance.

F. Any cost, including labor, necessary to repair equipment due changing or altering any hardware, software, and/or operating system from the original status of the system the date it was installed by the Maintenance Contractor.

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