MasterX 804 17″x17″ Tethered


 1717″ Cesium Tethered, cassette sized flat panel DR 

17×17 Active area (Real Image Size), Gigabit Ethernet (LAN Cable) 

Resolution 3,072 x 3,072 / 7.1 MP 

Overall Dimensions: 460 x 460 x 15.5 mm 

16-bit depth – 65,535 shades of gray 

CsI Direct Deposition, low dose Imaging 

140μm Pixel Pitch 

Lossless AED 

IP53 rated panel – dust and water resistant 

Weight 9.5 lb  

5-year Manufacturer’s parts warranty on DR panel

 804 Cesium, Ethernet-Tethered Only
Outline dimensions (ISO4090) 460 x 460 x 15mm
Sensor array A-Si photodiode
Scintillator Cesium Scintillator
Resolution 3,072 x 3,072
Pixel Size 140 μm
Grayscale 16 bit
Housing material Aluminum alloy
Weight 3.6kg (7.9lbs)
Trigger mode AED mode / Software SYNC mode
Calibration data 10 sets of calibration, data can be stored in it
Log file Log file, sensor data and other calibration data are available
Accessories Magnetic connector cable with ethernet and power
Operation temperature / Humidity 10 ̃ 35 ̊C / 15 ̃ 80%

MasterX 804