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MasteRad MX40sa Straight Arm

“Not cleared yet by FDA for marketing in the US

Medicatech USA presents the MX40sa STRAIGHT ARM
Featuring a host of new and innovative design benefits including
universal imaging, motorized SID, manually controlled swivel arm,
and fully supported by our award-winning Voyance® software.


• Fully Integrated with the revolutionary Voyance® software,
• High-Capacity Utilization within a small foot print,
• Robust Performance on a Slim design,
• Improved Patient and Staff Experience,
• Quality Integration Features,
• Backed by Excellent Customer Support,
• Amazing Application Range, Best in the Business,
• Modern Easy Touch Control Automation, and
• Dynamic Versatility with Increased Productivity.

All American-Made Straight-Arm
• Budget-Saving Solution,
• Accurate and Safe,
• Flexible Movements,
• Fully Integrated

Long Vertical Travel
• Up to 60” of Vertical Travel,
• Smooth Automated Process,
• Super-Quiet Movement,
• Durable Design for Longevity of Use

Versatile Rotational Arm
• Up to 270” of Rotating Travel,
• Smooth Glide Process,
• Effortless Movement,
• Quality Built-In by Design

Expanding C-Arm
• Up to 40” of Expansion,
• One-Button Automated,
• Whisper-Flow Movement,
• Proudly Made in the USA

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