1700 X-ray room

An open table design, easy to install & maintain. Designed, manufactured & supported by vets for vets.

High-end materials 

Manufactured from high-quality anodized aluminum, The ClearRay 1700’s sturdy column can be adjusted to fit low ceilings


Unique 4-way floating table design with the greatest lateral range & the ability to accommodate up to 500 lbs. 

Open table design 

for convenience and easy cleaning 


Foot controlled, one-touch function for  easier animal management and image capture. 

Table Specifications 

Fixed Arm Column for X-ray Tube and Collimator

Elevating table 18” to 31” from floor

Table Top 31”D x 60”L

Max Weight 500 lbs

Open Base Shape Table overall dimensions 60″x43.2″x 85″

Foot Switch for the Electromagnetic Brake System & collimator lights.

Standard Exposure Foot Switch (15 ft length)


Generator Specifications

CPI Veterinary 32KW Generator
kVp Range 10-125 kV
mA Range 10-400 mA
mAs Range (non-AEC) 0.1-100mAs
Rotor Supply Low Speed Starter
Input Phase/Voltage Single phase/215 VAC ± 13% (power derating required below 200 VAC)
Auto-Tube Calibration Standard feature
Exposure Timer Range 1 ms – 6.3 s ( 10 s, 20 s, 30 s optional)
Anatomical Programs (Membrane Console)  1024/20,000+ techniques 


Collimator Specifications 

Collimator-CO-Vet Veterinarian Collimator

Electronic Timer

Automatic Laser Bucky Centering Light

Clear Ray 1700 Brochure

Pre-Install Sign Off For Clear Ray 1700 System