MasteRad MXGo Portable X-Ray


• 100% Wireless
• Superior WiFi Connectivity
• Fully Battery Powered
• Up to 400 Exposures per Charge
• Light-Weight Design: 85 Pounds with Generator
• Compact When Folded: 53″ Long x 22″ Wide x 26″ High
• Durable Multi-Terrain Rubber Wheels
• Laptop Holder
• Gas-Spring Loaded for Easy Extending
• Optional: Winch Hook Pull Top Strap

Input Power Built-In Battery with AC Charger
Working Frequency ≥50kHz
Maximum Output 3.2kW
Tube Voltage 40kV – 100kV
Tube Current 25mA(40kV-60kV0 / 20mA(61kV-100kV)
Exposure Time Range 0.4-50mAs 22 Steps
Total Filtration 3mmAI Collimator Included
Collimator Continuous with Center + Indicator
Focal Spot Fractional Focal
Generator Dimensions (LxWxH) 522mm x227mmx217mm / 20.5” x 9” x 8.5”
Weight 12Kg (26.45 lb)
Acquisition Simple User Interface

100% Battery Supported / No External Electrical Needed

100% Wireless

Super Strong WiFi Connectivity

Trolley Features
Height 2250mm / 88.5 Inches
Weight 56 Pounds
Material USA Made Aluminum
Surface Chrome / Powder Coated
Wheels 14” Solid Rubber / 3” Swivel Casters
Wheel Action Single Movement with One Lever
Optional Winch Hook Pull Top Strap
Laptop Support
Placement 14” Wide Holder Plate with Two Positions
Power Cord Management AC Power Cord Holder Mounted
Function Features
Generator Rotation Angle Rotate 360º around X/Z Axis
Ease of Use Gas Spring, Locking Lever Action
Safety Yoke Safety Strap and Locking Pins

Exposure Switch Holder Bracket

Support Rail for Easy Loading

MasteRad MXGo