About Us.

Medicatech USA® is a leader in the Design and Manufacturing of Digital Radiography Solutions, Acquisition and PACS Software. Headquartered in Irvine, California, Medicatech USA was founded in 2005 with the goal of providing the most innovative and best priced digital radiography solutions to the Veterinary and Human Medical Markets. Medicatech’s direct digital x-ray systems are designed to compete with the world's leading x-ray companies by offering the highest quality systems at extremely competitive pricing. With our American Made Systems, innovative products and unsurpassed customer service, Medicatech USA is the fastest growing Digital X-Ray Provider in the US.

Our Values .

At Medicatech USA®, we take pride in building trustworthy relationships with our customers by providing our innovative digital solutions, a smooth experience and after-sale care.

Our Mission

Is to provide a seamless radiology experience for both user and patient making the process the most efficient and convenient it can be.


Medicatech USA® began with a simple idea: to partner with the world's finest  component manufacturers then integrate their products into innovative radiology solutions designed to provide the best quality & user experience in the most cost efficient ways.

Our products .

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