1500 X-ray room

An ergonomically appealing feature-rich Veterinary system, built and supported in the USA.

High-end materials 

The ClearRay 1500 is a sturdy yet lightweight and aesthetically appealing veterinary radiology system. It comes fitted with CPI generators and a Canon tube.


Rubber-cushioned feet reduce noise and minimize vibration,  providing better operational quality .


Foot controlled, one-touch function for exposure and collimator laser light control for easier animal management and image capture.


Our unique 4-way floating table design is the most versatile on the market, with the greatest lateral range & the ability to accommodate patients weights up to 500 pounds

Table Specifications 

Fixed Arm Column for X-ray Tube and Collimator with optional variable SID.

Table Top 31”D x 60”L

Max Weight 500 lbs

Table overall dimensions 60″x43.2″x 85″

Column Height 85”

Wide foot pedal for the Electromagnetic Brake System.

Standard foot switch or hand switch.

Generator fits under table for space-constrained clinics.


Additional Table Options 


Variable SID tube column and rotating tube head ( +/- 90 degrees.) . SID ranges from 14″-44″ measured from table top. 


Generator Specifications

CPI Veterinary 32KW Generator
kVp Range 10-125 kV
mA Range 10-400 mA
mAs Range (non-AEC) 0.1-100mAs
Rotor Supply Low Speed Starter
Input Phase/Voltage Single phase/215 VAC ± 13% (power derating required below 200 VAC)
Auto-Tube Calibration Standard feature
Exposure Timer Range 1 ms – 6.3 s ( 10 s, 20 s, 30 s optional)
Anatomical Programs (Membrane Console) 1024 techniques 


Collimator Specifications 

LED Veterinarian Collimator

Electronic Timer

Automatic Laser Bucky Centering Light

CRV 1500 Brochure

CRV1500 Drawing with Generator

Installation Guide

Pre-Install Sign Off For Clear Ray 1500 System