MasteRad UA-1100 U-Arm

Integrated Digital U-Arm system


Integrated Digital U-Arm with MasterX system: 17”x 17” Tethered DR panel system Voyance® Software & PACS

The best choice for Limited Space and Budget

  • A single panel, multi purpose Universal Arm that provides a Cost Effective, Ergonomic Solution for the entire range of radiographic exams 
  • A Motorized Universal Stand with basic mobile table complete the configuration along with an Exprimer 17” x 17”Tethered DR system along with Voyance® Software and PACS.
  • Fast and accurate acquisition of image position via RAPS (Remote Auto Positioning System)


Fully Motorized and Always Aligned

MasteRad URM1100 is fully motorized to optimize efficiency as the Tube Head, Collimator and Detector are always aligned. This makes exams involving leg or spine stitching simpler and faster.

Movement Controls at your Finger Tip with Remote Auto Positioning System

MasteRad URM1100 features system controls on the Tube Head and at the side of the Detector Housing, thus simplifying staffs image positioning and increasing workflow. Fast and accurate acquisition of image position via RAPS (Remote Auto Positioning System)

Exam Efficiency

The motorized swivel arm and rotating Detector housing can handle a wide range of exam positions for patients of all sizes. Regardless if the patient is sitting, standing or lying on the mobile table, MasteRad URM1100 provides extensive vertical and SID travel making it perfect for complete head-to-toe imaging.

Safe Brakes and Anti-Collision Sensors

Electromagnetic brakes and Anti-Collision sensors assure safety for patient and staff

Optional Mobile Table

MasteRad URM1100 can perform a wider range of exams with the mobile table which allows staff to perform cross table exams while the patient lies on the table. The table is easy to move and can support over 400 lbs



Dimensions 80.5” x 90.5” x 30.3” (204 x 230 x 77 cm)  

Motorized SID 39.4” to 70.8”, speed variable from 0.39” to 5.1”/sec (15.1 cm/sec)  

Vertical Movement (Motorized) 50.7” (129cm), speed variable from 1.5” to 5.9”/sec  (4-15  cm/sec) 

Arm Rotation Angle 120° to -30°, speed variable from 3 to 10 °/sec

Single button control on remote for Chest or Table position

Tube Rotation +/- 90°

Bucky Tilting (manual) + / – 45°

Positioning controls 6” color touch screen and 12 key remote control for SID distance, height of  U-Arm and angulation of arm and detector. All angles and SID are displayed on touch screen. 

Single button positioning of SID at 39.4” and 70.8” (Chest Position) on touch screen and remote control.

Anti-Collision system utilizing 3 laser beams and pressure sensors on arm and detector housing stop movement and move arm back 3.9” (10cm) on resistance of  22 lbs (10kg)  

CPI 40kW Generator with 1 yr warranty, Toshiba 140kHU and Laser Medical Collimator

Voyance® Software and PACS

Dell Computer +24” Display



Mobile Table, AEC Ion Chamber Interface- DAP Interface- Generator Touch Console