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Voyance® Acquisition and VPACS is an industry leading complete software suite that delivers a  secure and cost-effective way to acquire, view and share DICOM Images. VPACS provides  imaging departments with a scalable and upgradable solution to archive patient studies for many years. 

Voyance supports windows 7,8,10,11 operating systems, Voyance also can work on surface tablets or any windows operated tablets. Windows servers operating systems are not supported for viewer but you can install VPACS

Easy to use touchscreen GUI
Advanced toolsets for Human & Veterinary Markets
Exam-specific algorithms for all markets including Veterinary Dental
Edit existing patient information


  • Easy to use touchscreen GUI with a one-page design 
  • Fully DICOM 3.0 Compatible: MWL feature, DICOM Send, DICOM Print, MPPS, etc. 
  • Exam-specific algorithms for all Markets including Veterinary Dental 
  • High quality image processing through automatic image optimization 
  • Supports Multi Format Image Export, Auto Cropping, Auto Grid Suppression, Auto Labeling, Auto  Rotation, Free Rotation, Multi view Layout and much more 
  • Advanced Toolsets are available for Human and Veterinary Markets 
  • Useful functions: Auto Cropping, Auto Grid Suppression, Auto Labeling, Auto Rotation, Free  Rotation, Multi Layout, etc. 
  • Edit existing patient information 
  • Search patient by patient name, patient ID, Accession number or date range
  •  True size for DICOM printing 


  • Resend / Reprint image function 
  • Send/Print queue management 
  • Customized functions and various themes 
  • Emergency Mode Accessible at All Times with Single Click. 
  • Support Continuous Exposures and automatically advances to the next view.
  • Edit Existing Patient Information/Search Patient by Name, ID, Accession Number.
  • Side by Side Image Comparison. 
  • DICOM Send, E-mail or Burn Images to CD/DVD 
  • Move and Copy Images between Studies. 
  • Supporting Up to 4 Digital Detectors Including One Digital Dental Sensor. 

Why VCLOUD Pacs?

The most convenient offsite storage solution by Medicatech USA®

No Hardware to buy or maintain
No IT staff needed
Store from any DICOM Modality

Voyance® Cloud Tiers.

VCLOUD is conveniently sold in tiers so users only pay for the space they need annually

VOYANCE® is image Acquisition/Viewer software that is used for Digital Flat Panels, that acquire, adjust and manage images generated from the detectors. VOYANCE® is a remarkable software system that is designed and engineered using several specialized modules. This cutting edge system provides high quality medical images through various advanced functions and delivers fast and effective image processing between the modules.

Voyance Medical

Voyance Vet

Cloud VPACS Advanced Tools

Nasium Xray Analysis

Base Posterior Tool

Lateral Cervical VPAX Demo

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