MasteRad Full


We Provide Full Control

The all-new MasteRad™ series offers you a Fully Programmable,
cutting edge, Acquisition Software with User-Friendly Touch Screen Interface.
Contact, Create and be in Complete Control
We make everything ourselves; the hardware systems, the software solutions, and everything are customizable to fit your exact needs. You simply need to contact us so that we can work with you to create the right fit solution for your needs. And then you are in Complete Control.
It is more than just an all-new system, it is a fully integrative and customizable solution that empowers you with the ability to meet every need, provide the right answer for every question and be the one-stop source for a quality x-ray system solution.

Built on Your Needs

A truly flexible and multipurpose direct digital x-ray system, the MasteRad™ series offers a fully programmable totality that is adaptable to all varieties of examinations. Our unique American-made design allows us the ability to customize the entire systems to fit your needs: both in function and in size.
Born from years of experience in the field of radiology, we have developed the most adaptable x-ray system currently available. Constructed from the highest quality components and engineered to offer you lasting quality and ease of functionality.

Functionally Functional

Fully motorized, completely programmable, or manually operated, the MasteRad™ series offers a full range of functions that are designed to be easy-to-use and practical.
This ability to be adapted was our answer to the requests for a system to be versatile to fit a variety of needs. We did not set out to make a simple “one-size-fits-all” product – but to provide you with the ability to mix and match, and fully customize according to your needs.

Drawing of Room Size Requirements

Medical X-Ray Room Including Equi. and Electric Outlets

Medical Installation Guide